New single 'MOON' out 23.08.2019!

We released our 4th single ‘Moon‘ on Friday 23rd of August through our record label Indie Recordings Norway.

Here is what ALPHA (Vocals and Guitar) had to say about the track:

Moon is about the power to stand up for what you believe in and speak your truth, even though you may feel small.

The moon, as we physically know it, is a small celestial object, but at the same time it is cruicial to the Earth’s tides, it’s axis and it is always overlooking anything that goes on on the blue planet.

It is also about the war on drugs, and mainly the way big pharmaceutical companies are increasingly pushing heavy drugs legally while a lot of people are locked up in jail and lives destroyed over recreational use of natural substances. It doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s wrong, and that the power is in the wrong hands. But the dinosaurs are fading away and new generations are paving the way. Change is coming.

Album art: Sebastian Ludvigsen / Tomorrow Creatives

Album art: Sebastian Ludvigsen / Tomorrow Creatives

You can stream ‘Moon’ here: